Friday, September 18, 2009

just couldn't resist!

This little boy is just getting to freaking cute! He loves his bath time so I thought that I would post a few cute pics. You just can't resist those cute little cheeks!

He loves the washer.. he loves to stand up on it, that is actually the first thing that he pulled himself up on..
Little monster face.. just to cute for his own good!
He loves to put his bath toys in his mouth and swim or crawl around with them. He looks like a little dog..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I thought that this blog was a little one sided..

So we decided to add some pictures of jake... :) he was starting to feel left out!

Reed Loves being outside. He will whine and cry until we go outside, and then we won't say a word the whole time we are out. He love to watch people ( he's a starer just like him mom) and he loves all the kids, so we go the park EVERYDAY just so he can watch them play. He will be so happy once he can walk. He is getting close to that too! He can stand up and walk between things, and he turns around and leans up against things, and he is turning into a terror. He loves computers, cell phones, cords, and pretty much anything that he isn't suppose to have. He doesn't really care for all of the millions of toys I brought him, but what can you do..
He loves the slide!
This is Reeds favorite book. Well i would have to say page. He love the fluffy tummy on the kitty. Yes my son loves kitten books, and his favorite toy is a butterfly..

Lookin' handsome like his daddy!

always very concerned...

Oh! and Jake and I made the BEST dinner the other night! We had orange chicken (like from panda express) You can buy the orange sauce here, and we made our own chicken and it was pretty freaking close the real thing.(maybe better) so yummy!