Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 years.. 36 months..1,195 Days...

I can't even explain to you how much you have changed my life. You came into this world with force and you are still the same way. You are stubborn and cute and I love you so much. You show me everyday that you are the craziest guy I know. You are fearless and are so trusting. I hope you keep that. It may drive me crazy all the time.. but it is so good for you to have. You are so loving and just love everyone. You would go home with anyone and I have to make sure that doesn't happen and I think I may just die of worry some of these days. You have learned all your letters this year and numbers to 15! You LOVE the letter R and you tell me it is yours, and you are offended when it is on another sign some where. You also love Mario and love to play the wii. You only play 1 game though. Just super mario bros. and you are actually getting really good at it. You are starting to like your brother Nash now that he kinda plays with you, but you don't understand that he is still a baby and push him around, but I understand. He looks bigger than he is. You love to give us big kisses and loves to cuddle now. I never get to sit on the couch alone anymore. You are so curious and ask me lots of questions. You love to help me cook and always have an opinion on what we will eat. You will only drink milk and we have to negotiate for anything else. I can't imagine my world with out your fun personality anymore. I am so glad that I get you to myself and that I get to spend these wonderful years with you. They are going to fast and I can't believe it. 3 years seems like yesterday..
I made this little video for you and I had so many pictures and I couldn't believe what we did in 3 years. It seems like so much and I only took pictures on a little bit of it.
I am so proud to call you my son and I can't wait for all the years to come!
Love you,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jan 1, 2012- Dec 31, 2012

I love how the new year always makes you feel like you are starting over. It feels as if you are wiping away all your problems and starting on a new journey. I always feel this overwhelming feeling to make this year the best year! I have goals and I can't wait to accomplish and its going to be a great year for us. I can feel it.. Or I just feel like it can only just get better.. either way it is going to be great. I feel like we have some direction now and that alone gives me such peace.

Now with the goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call them.
1. Hard to put this one it words, but the ONE thing I really want to work on. I want to be more proactive and just do things I want to do, because I want to do them. anyone one understand? If not I get it, so I am the only person that matters. :)

2. I want to get healthy. I have been on the lifestyle change for a while, but its been a slow one. And Christmas didn't help. But it is happening and its going good.

3. Eat at Home. We have been doing really great at this for the most part. But I still just would rather eat out. I hate Shopping for the food. I would make dinner every night if the ingredients were just in my fridge! But taking 2 kids to the store, making a list and doing all that crappy stuff. I HATE IT! So I guess the goal really should be making a calendar and menu so I don't have to go to the store that much..

4. Try new recipes! I have so many I want to try and I am excited that pintrest has made it so that i can save all the ones I come across!

5. Stop wasting so much time on Pintrest. :) J/k this one is for Jake! He is totally addicted.. (he is going to be so mad I posted this.. hehe)

6. NO babies this year. I want to at least wait another year. It's usually take a little while for me and jake to get prego, but when I had Nash they found I had endometriosis on my ovaries and fixed it. So I am sure that I am just going to be pregnant accidentally since I am NOT ready for another little one. (don't get me wrong, I love my babies, just need a little break)

7. Grow in the Gospel. I sometimes feel like I didn't retain anything from seminary and I actually went.. I must have been daydreaming the whole time. THAT is not unusual for me :) but  I feel like I don't know anything about the scriptures, I guess that is why you read them over and over. So study more and retain the information.

8. More photography! I am loving every minute of this! I can't wait to learn and expand! I am so excited!

9. More photos of my family that are not on my phone.. My poor nash has no pictures! I am going to work on that!

I think that is enough. My list could go on and on.. Because I have a million things I know I need to work on.. I am not perfect, but thanks for thinking I am..