Friday, February 8, 2008

Yes, we are finally going to blog.

So hello everyone. We thought this would be an easy way to keep everyone that cares upadated. We actually don't do that much that is exciting but I like to read blogs, so I hope you enjoy ours.
Well Jake is still working on purchasing the water store. He is waiting to see if he can get any grants first. Because that would be awesome, and then we should be making some progress.
I am still working 8-5 at infinite solutions and I still love it. It gets kinda boring sometimes but I have many things I can do when I am not busy like: Play with Korben my bosses 2 year old, or play with the 2 dogs or the cat that insists it sits on my lap. So its always a good time. I also have my photography and video business, and we just purchased an internet advertising company, Also check out our new photography website, We just redesigned everything.
I am also going to school, just one class, digital photography. Its really fun and it makes it nice to go shoot something else besides weddings. I'll post some of my pictures up. as soon as I can remember. So yeah thats what were are up to right now. I'm always busy and jake stays home and plays games with his friends.