Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby News!

So as most of you know Jake and I are pregnant! We are very excited and can't wait till we get to meet the little guy! I am just over 2 months along right now (9 weeks) and am doing pretty good. I haven't thrown up yet but have felt like I am going to most of the day everyday. I finding out what foods sit better and when I have to eat to ease the pain. But it seems to be going okay.
I have my first Doctors Appointment on the 9th of July. They don't see you till 12Weeks because miscarriage is so common in the first trimester. We are only 3 weeks away so we have high hopes!
My doctor is Traci Winward. She come highly recommended in the St. George area, and my boss is really good friends with her also, so I should be taken care of.
So thats all of our exciting news. I will try to keep everyone updated on my progress and I'll try to post pictures of my belly so you can all see me get fat!