Monday, October 24, 2011


Holy Cow it's been a while! I have been busy busy busy! I have moved restarted my photography business, and painting and unpacking and (trying) to decorate this house. Its all coming along. We are doing good. Kids are getting big! Nash is on the move. Crawling and grunts the whole time he crawls. I took one pic of the house. Surprise it looks a lot like our old one.
I am loving taking pictures again. I forgot how much I love it. It is so fun! I have some shoots coming up this next month and I can't wait. I need to get some of Nash soon! I am working on it. Life is good for the most part. I will take more pictures of the house soon when I can get it clean for a minute.
I am heading up to Utah next week too! Krista had her little boy today and Becca and I are making the trek up there to see them. We can't wait!