Monday, December 13, 2010

Big Kid Time!!

 I still can't believe he is getting so big!! He is quite the little monster these days. The terrible two's have hit us early with the tantrums and saying no. It has been quite a struggle and so I was scared to start transitioning him into the big boy stuff, but to my surprise those things have been great!
So.. He got a big boy bed! Well thanks to my hoarder of a mother we inherited Becca and I's old bunk beds. They are pretty sweet and I am so glad NOW that they saved them. They are these little bunk beds that a friend made for us in his wood shop class in college, best part they fit a crib size mattress! So they have been through all the Mahoney kids and they still look really good. They are small and they come right apart so they can be separate or bunk beds. Very convenient.
So here he is happy as can be. He loves it. He is so good about going to bed. The first two nights he came and stood by the door and cried and opened the door, but now he will get out of his bed turn off his heater, play a little and get back in bed and go to sleep. It is magical. My other worry was that in the morning he would leave the house cause he can open all the door and locks now, but to my surprise, He doesn't even leave his room until I come and get him. He just sits and reads, and does all his puzzles. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It has been so wonderful.

Another big boy thing we started is the potty training. He has been super interested and wanting to try for a while now, but I was the one that wasn't ready. but I finally broke down and bought a little froggy potty. It was just to cute to pass up. We aren't going cold turkey yet. We just ask him once and while if he needs to go and he runs to the bathroom and strips down and pee's. He is so good at it. He loves going in his toilet. We are going to wait until finals are over to go hard core on it.
Funny story about that though. He had to go #2 so he ran to the bathroom and Becca was in the shower and so he ran to our bathroom and someone was using it, He was knocking and yelling and trying to let them know in the jibber jabber that he does, but he couldn't wait anymore so he went over to the rug and pooped there. Haha. It was so funny. No one knew what he was yelling about until they found the mess, but it was to funny to be mad about.

 I forgot to blog about it, but I just had to show how cute these turned out. We had this fabric from pictures, so I thought I would put it to good use and it matched Reed's room so well.  I just got a few sticks from outside, spray painted them, and hung them up, and walmart has the rings with the clamps on them so I just used them. Cost me a total of $15, and they are so fun!