Thursday, August 25, 2011

Middleofnowhere, Nevada

The Bed and Breakfast

I've been wanting to write this post forever, but my kids both feel like they need me 24/7.. Reed is going through an identity crisis right now I think. He doesn't want me to hold the baby anymore and he wants to be the baby again. It's been awful. I don't know what to do with him except let him know that I still love him too.. hopefully this will pass..

Back to the post. a few weeks ago we had to opportunity to go on a road trip. He tagged along with my Aunts and had a great adventurous time. We saw so many things, and things I probably never would have seen. Carina my fabulous Aunt loves to see everything when she travels so she planned a route out for us, and this was our first stop. Unionville Nevada. Now I know all of you have probably not heard of this great little semi ghost town, but it does exist. It was definitely an adventure. It is quite an old place. Mark Twain actually had a cabin in this town. He came here when they had the gold rush.

So this is how it happened. We got off of the freeway and drove about 20 minutes into the middle of nowhere. I say this because there was nothing. It was beautiful. It was also free range for cows, and we did run into them along the way sitting on the road. Then the pavement ended and it was dirt from then on out. We finally got to the Bed and Breakfast and I was skeptical.. it look pretty interesting. My Brother Thomas thought we were joking. He wasn't very happy when we told him that we were really staying there. He said and I quote " I am not happy, and I am not staying here!" It was pretty funny. It turned out to be a great time. They actually have 2 houses that they have redone over the years, but had kept a lot of the character from the old days. They had the claw foot tubs and the old farmhouse sinks. It was cool. The only thing that I wasn't to keen on was all the bugs and spiders that lived there too!

So the next morning we got to have breakfast with them and another couple that was staying there too. It was delightful. We had oatmeal with fruit and nuts, and fresh goats milk, and eggs and pancakes. They old lady was a million years old and her son was helping her run the place. They were so fun to talk to.

After that they let the kids see all the animals and even feed the baby goat! Reed was in heaven and just was exploding with excitement.

Goat Feeding!

Reed and Nash having fun!
This is the walkway from their house.. Isn't this beautiful.
Can't resist this cutie!
Walking back from breakfast

This is the house we stayed in. The whole crew, minus Reed and Nash they were already in the car.
We found a toad.. Reed wanted to hold it, but he was super scared.
All the fun signs