Wednesday, May 14, 2008



So Jake and I got to go to moab! It was so much fun! We got a call from my parents and they said that they were going down there thursday night, and we should meet them there. They called me tuesday. I pulled a few stings and we were able to go friday night. We are so glad that we did. It was worth the 5 hour drive. We picked up my cousin Sara and she came with us too! She also lives in St. George.
We only got to do 2 trails while we were there, but they were both so much fun. Fin's and things is one of my favorites and also Gemini Bridges. They are 2 completely different rides but both fun. We had two people roll 4 wheelers (but were without injuries) and two 4 wheelers break down. (luckily we have mechanics for Dads)
On the last ride we went on it was about a 3 hour drive and it was just 5 of us kids that went out. We were all doing good until the last stretch and Sara's bike just dies. It seemed like it was out of gas, but to our dismay it was not. So now it was something else, but Jake saved the day, He decided that it was the spark plug and 4 wheelers usually have an extra one under the seat, so he replaced it and we were on our way!
We had a great time and can't wait to go again. We are hoping for the fall, and to stay more than 2 days.