Thursday, April 8, 2010

easter time

I just have stories to tell, but when I sit down to blog and when I finally get all those pictures uploaded my ADD kicks in and I have lost interest. My time at home is precious since I work full time, I hardly get to see Reed So I feel like the 3 hours a night I have with him are very important, and since he suddenly has an obsession with me and won't leave my side (not even for dad, Jake is very offended) its hard to get anything done. My solution for this problem. Blog while I am at work, and have nothing to do but surf the web. Upload pictures when I get home and Reed is sleeping. I hope this new routine works out!

First off I just have to talk about my now usable feature in my car. The iphone/ipod holder!! I have recently gotten the iphone YIPEE!! Yes it is all its cracked up to be! I LOVE LOVE it! We are best friends. My car has this holder thing in the middle console and its for your ipod. So that it doesn't move and you can plug it in with an axillary cable. Well we don't have an ipod because of an very unfortunate event. Jake was leaving work one day and left his phone and MY ipod on the roof of the car and drove away. Well a few hours later I received a phone call from his phone and it was a kind old man that had found both of them on the road. He just happened to see them while riding his motorcycle.. Well the phone was just fine with a few scratches, but the ipod wasn't so lucky.. It had been completely ran over. It was flat as a pancake.
so needless to say we haven't gotten another one.
Back to the Holder. It is fantastic. I put my phone in it, because it doubles as my ipod. Plug it in and I don't have to worry about it flying all over the car. That it was I hate, when you turn they fall, when you brake, they fall, when you speed up they fall. So annoying. So I'm very happy with this feature...

We had a fun easter this year. We stayed home and didn't stress. It was great. We got Reed some plastic eggs, and put a few jelly beans in each of them. He was so cute he would find one, open it and eat all the candy as fast as he could. He has tasted the joy of sugar and can't get enough.

Our dinner was so amazing! I wanted to try out some new recipes and they we so yummy.
We had lamb with a balsamic reduction sauce, Herb oven roasted potatoes, and Glazed carrots. It was so amazing. I really like lamb. It has such a good taste to it.
And for dessert we had fresh raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, with dark chocolate drizzled over the top.
I love to cook. I wish I had more time to do it.

and here is all of Reed's teeth! He has 4 molars in the back and I think there are 2 more coming in.