Monday, November 22, 2010


It seems to just get longer in between each time I update the blog. I blame it on pregnancy. I am just to tired and maybe just lazy to do it.  Plus my computer has been acting up at home. I don't think it is going to make it much longer. I am pretty sure that it hates me. I feel the same towards it right now, and if I even think about getting it out while Reed is awake, it turns into a giant fight. So yeah. Its not my favorite thing to do at the moment.
we are having another little BOY! So that is really exciting. I was thinking it was a girl since everything with this pregnancy has been so different. But its a little boy. I am excited that Reed will have a brother. I wanted it to be a boy because I loved having sister close to me and an added bonus for me is I don't have to buy hardly anything at all!! I really like that! So much less stress for me.
Another awesome thing that happened recently. is that jake is not working again. Okay not so awesome, but I am just starting to getting to used to it I think. Who knew that a type 1 diabetic couldn't get a CDL, we didn't! We always survive somehow. So I have just stopped worrying. It has really made me put things in perspective, and really decided what is the most important things in my life are. This year has defiantly been a roller coaster year, but we will get through it and I am just hoping for a better 2011. He has a few jobs that he is just waiting to hear back from. So hopefully we hear some good news soon.

ALSO Some that is really awesome that we are looking forward to is Jake's parents are coming HOME! They have finished their 2 year mission in Samoa and will be back Dec 11! We can't wait to see them!