Tuesday, January 4, 2011

single mom..

I don't like being a single mom. Jake left me again.. He got a job in Mesa, Arizona. I do have to say I was very skeptical, but it seems to be working out so far. Well, for the whole week that he has been down there it is going good. But I still don't like being a single Mom. We decided that I would stay behind to make sure everything was going to work out before we packed up and moved the entire family down, and if it doesn't work out he still has a job up here that will take him. So we are waiting to make sure, given our track record with jobs, it seems to be for the best.
I know you are all dying to know what he is doing... He is installing security systems again, but with a different company. It is a year round thing and he is the Lead tech down there. So that makes it nice. Yeah I never thought we would actually go back to doing this, but you never know. So Reed and I (and Becca and Eric) are just hanging out back in the COLD La Verkin at least until the end of the month.
You ask where I am going to have this next baby. I have no idea. especially now that I just got approved for medicade. We will let you know.