Saturday, March 26, 2011

longest 2 weeks of your life..

I forget how long the last 2 weeks of pregnancy is! It seriously is the longest 2 weeks of your life. I can't sleep, I can barely eat, and I have so much heart burn I could die. AND I just want to meet this kid! Well I guess I only have 12 days until my c-section is scheduled so I do know that it will end by then, but it is killing me. I am actually up in Heber staying with my parents. We decided that would be best for me, because it is a few hours closer than Phoenix and they could help me with Reed. It has been nice. Reed loves his Aunts and Uncles. He bosses them around all day long, and they will play the Wii with him. He is getting really good at the wii fit. It is amazing how much they understand and learn at such a young age.
We are pretty much just waiting for this kid to come.. we are pretty boring besides that. We really like Phoenix so far. We have a great ward and Jake likes having his family closer.
We did get a new car. Well a new to us car. We have been using Jake's parent's truck for the last 2 years while they were on their mission and they just got back a few months ago. So we needed to buy a car. Jake is proud owner of a wagon. That's right a wagon. :) It's a 2003 VW Passat wagon. It is actually really nice and he needed something with a large trunk for all of his equipment at his job, so this was the best thing we could find in our price range. It gets great gas mileage and we really like it so far! I will post pictures some time soon.