Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the sun is shining..

Finally the Sun is shinning! It has been a whirlwind since I last posted on the blog. I have been one busy woman!
Where to start... well in the last post I was just getting ready to leave La Verkin and head to Phoenix. Jake's parents were kind enough to come and stay with me for a week and then drive me back to Phoenix with my two little guys. It was so nice to have help and I don't think I would have survived with out them. I was in Phoenix for about 2-3 weeks and Jake's work decided that they needed to send Jake to other places for the summer. They needed him to go to Denver the next week and then to head to Seattle after that for there other summer offices. They also decided to close the apartment we were staying in and said they would rather have us put in a house. So my sister Becca was getting married the week later in Salt Lake and I was going up to that, so we decided that I would just stay with my Parents for the summer. Then I wouldn't have to drive back to phoenix and  I would have help with the kids, and I could spend some time with my family. They were nice enough to take us in. We packed up our apartment and put it all in storage, and we will be back to Phoenix in the fall. I thought I was going to be able to stay put this summer, but I was wrong :)
It has been fun so far. I miss Heber. It is so beautiful here. It has been raining since we got here so we are hoping that will change. Reed is loving the outside, and likes to run away from us. No idea why he just won't stay in the yard.. it is plenty big, we have had a few scares but he is still alive. :) He loves the chickens and the cats and trampoline. He is growing so fast and we are potty training starting today. I am not looking forward to it. He is not potty trained yet because I don't want to do it. poor guy. Well we are doing it now.
Nash is doing good. We went in for his 1 month appointment and he weighed 9 lbs and 8 oz, 1 oz more than Reed weighed when he was born. He is finally putting on some weight so we are excited about that. He does have a little problem with his neck. He favors one side and the muscle on the other side has tightened up so he can barely turn his head the other way, it is called torticollis I think. So we are working with that too. He seems to be doing really well, but he isn't found of the stretching exercises. He is happy boy other than that!
We are going to bless him this coming Sunday. It is kinda spur of the moment so please come if you can! We would love to see everyone!