Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nash ⎨Blessing⎬

 We had the opportunity to bless Nash up here in Heber. It was a beautiful day, and Jake did a great job! here are just a few pics before the blessing.

 I LOVED his outfit! He just looked so cute!
All tuckered out... 

love love


Saturday, July 2, 2011

summer time.. and the livins' easy..

Picture overload.. I know I haven't updated since we moved all around, but here are a few pictures. I just can't seem to keep a camera with me, and when I bring the camera it always seems to have a dead battery. Oh well.. I think this last kid killed a few more of my brain cells. 

We made a trip down to La Verkin to my house (we still have some stuff there) I needed to get some baby stuff for Nash. Reed was very happy to be there. I think he misses it, but he loved the washer!

Nash is getting so big, and so cute!

Nash Fell asleep on me today. He does everyday. He HAS to be held, and a Momma's Boy. He is nothing like Reed was. My arms are getting really buff, and Tired so I use the harness every once and while.

Getting Ready to go Boating today!

Nash Loved having his life jacket on..

Riding in the boat.. yes he is still crying.. but very shortly after fell asleep.
 family time
 My Cute Reed