Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reed don't eat the sand.. its yucky..

but he doesn't listen...Reed and I got to go over to the TY warner park (you know that people that make beanie babies) and it was really fun, Sara took us over there, and made us a little picnic and we played for a long time! We had so much fun. Reed loved swinging the the SAND and he went down the little slides.. with help of course... but he loved it! then we were hot, so we came back and went swimming. It was so cute because of all the activities he fell asleep in the stroller on the way home and let me change him and put him in his car seat and go the costco with out even waking up. It was so cute..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So WE are in CHICAGO! We made it here 2 weeks ago now. I think.. anyways, we all packed up in the car to the tippy top! Plus we had to put a few things on the top. The best part is that our car doesn't have a rack. So we just strapped everything down with bungie cords. We looked awesome! Just like a crazy little family with a stroller and saucer on top. Reed was stuffed in a little corner of the car. We called it his little bat cave. It was just a 8 hour drive to chicago, so not to bad. Besides that we haven't been doing to much. Reed and I just hang out and go the park across the street. Its a really nice park, it has a splash pad, and the ground is all squishy. Reed loves the swings! (well that pretty much all he do (:

But a few weeks ago me and Reed got to go with Celeste and her mom Chantel to Palmyra New york. It was so great! We got to go to the sacred grove, and all the sights around there. We also got to go to the Palmyra Pageant, which if you have been to the Manti pageant its really good, but Palmyra was so AMAZING! I expected it to be kinda boring ( like the manti pageant (no offense manti) but it wasn't it was all about the book of Mormon- it was full of battles, and action and they had tons of special effects! so cool!!!
Then we got to stop and literally run to and see Niagara falls! The whole trip was awesome, and I had so much fun with Celeste and Chantel! Thanks Guys for letting us tag along!!!

Sacred Grove- it was so peaceful and you could definitely fell the spirit, it reminded me of being in the temple.

the AWESOME Pageant!!
The temple

Sacred grove again, it was so peaceful Reed fell asleep.
The Falls

These are in Chicago, I am his new Jungle Gym! He has just learned to pull himself up on stuff so he climbs on everything!
He's decided he wants to crawl like this, i think his knees are getting sore.
So fun, he is just a fun loving happy kid!
Little lady bug, was crawling all over him!
me and reed just shooting the breeze..

Saturday, August 8, 2009