Sunday, June 6, 2010

fun, sun, and mud!

We went outside the other day to play and they had been watering the lawn at the park across the street. Aparently ALL day, because there were huge mud puddles. So I decided to let him go crazy! He was in HEAVEN!

He would barely even look up at us to get a picture he was having so much fun.
All of our feets

We got to go camping for a night over memorial weekend. It was so fun. It was nice to just sit in the sun and have fun. We camped right on the beach and got to try out our tent trailer that my parents gave us. It was so nice to just get out. We got Reed a life jacket, so he could go in the water and I didn't have to worry about him drowning all the time. He did so good. He didn't get that deep in the water because it was cold. 

So Tired from all the swimming.

He even says cheese when he smiles.