Sunday, June 3, 2012

the rumors..

Well I know we have had a few rumors flying around and I am here to clarify.. We are moving yet again... We just can't seem to stay put, but I think this time it is for the best. Jake has decided to go back to school and the best place for him to start doing that is in Provo. We are sad to leave this area. We have really enjoyed being here, but it will be best in the long run. 
Jake has decided to go to Pharmacy school. He only needs about 2 years to be able to apply and hopefully things will move along fast and smoothly. It will be a bumpy ride for a while, but we have great supportive families! and we will be staying with my parents for a while until we feel stable enough to move out. Jake will continue to work for elite for the summers, and he actually left today to go to Seattle for the next 5 weeks. He comes home just for a few weeks to help us move back up to Utah and then will return for the remainder of the summer. Its gonna be crazy but a good crazy. Hopefully things will fall into place and we feel really good about this decision. First one that I am not stressing about too much! ask me in 2 weeks when the kids are driving me bonkers. 
We feel really blessed to have such great families and offering us everything at this hard time. We love you guys so much and can't wait to be done with the school life and we haven't even started. So 6 years here we come, to living and loving as poor as they come! :D
I am really loving this quote lately probably because it is what I need to hear..
"Bloom where you are planted" 
and I will be doing just that
Love you all!
(Any mommies in the Heber area I am going to need some play-dates starting July!)


Nixie Fotos Photography said...

Bummer you just got back! but exciting for new adventures right!? I Love Provo its so beautiful. I am jealous of all the lovely locations you will have for photography! Good Luck!

Love and Lady Bug said...

OMG...totally selfish...but Heber is SO MUCH CLOSER TO ME :) I really think your boys need to meet there future wives ASAP ;)

The Dyer Fam-Damily said...

we'll have a Mahoney girls reunion with our kiddos!

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